This makes me very happy :smiley:


Hope we get them Source Movement boots relatively soon! Lots of good stuff in the works.


The source movement thing in LC is actually going to be a thing with any game. When the update comes out, you’ll be able to surf and Bhop in condos and plazas too.


With this update its only Little Crusaders, and later we’ll have an item that allows Source movement correct?


Mac said this on Discord: “the source movement is applied anywhere there is jumping”. He didn’t mention there being an item or anything.


Oh shoot! Thats awesome, thanks for the heads up!


I’ll leave this here if anyone wants the dev’s exact words:



I wonder if someone’s gonna turn their condo into a surf map


Hopefully someone starts throwing up some workshop items for it. Then again we might have to wait for manual collision mapping for it to work, but who knows maybe someone can get away with some basic shapes.


Oh so it’s not just bunny hopping but also surfing? That sounds awesome.


i can’t wait to bed hop


I tried building something , watch me pretend to surf on my badly made ramps.


So when’s someone going to port bhop_monster_jam or bhop_badges?


Say what you want, but that’s awesome! That looked like a legit surf to me too.




insert phoon reference here


kid’s bunnyhopping all the way through ivy out middle and through our connector…


I did a quick test of a surf map, I had to make the ramps steeper than I expected but I got it working! I want to do a bhop map but I can’t bhop without auto or being able to bind jump to the scroll wheel. If I learn how to bhop with the spacebar I have a few ideas for bhop maps I want to make.


holy shit we need surf condos


Holy crap those are some steep ramps! Looks like a lot of fun though. Good luck on your journey to mastering land, sea, and air!