Bhop map WIP

Check out my bhop map I’ve been working on! I’ve been hosting so some of you have played it already, I’ll host again soon because it’s just too fun :smiley: It has some really challenging areas too :smiling_imp:
There are teleporters placed precisely under the floor to teleport you as soon as you step off the platforms. I hope we can get some delayed teleporters in the future, and also perhaps to make them invisible, so that we can make small delays for standing on the platforms just like bhop should be.
Anyway enjoy the various themes I’ve made so far!


Jeez, I did not expect bhop condos to be a thing so soon, let alone ones that look this good. Great job and I hope to try it out some day :smiley:

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Damn that last room looks so good! The whole thing does, also smart move with teleporters on the floor!

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This looks great, amazing work.

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I can’t beehop but this is cool,

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Can’t bhop for shit but that map is hella good ngl

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I was joking when I mentioned bhops in TU…
Does this work as well as in Source games?

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That looks so good, really want to try it now. Will keep an eye out for it. Amazing work!

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So sort of yeah, it’s difficult but once you get used to it you can bhop pretty decently. Also there are some parts in the map that require a speed boost to get through whilst bhopping.
The big issue is that you can basically just jump and stop, jump and stop, to make it. Because there’s no timed teleports that prevent you from doing it. If we could get teleporters with a timer on then it can be pretty much exactly like Source/Gmod bhop maps.

Also thanks everyone!


The design looks cool but can you even really bhop you don’t gain speed from doing it like in source?

You do gain speed by bhopping now. Strafing definitely builds up speed which is maintained by timing your jumps correctly.


Damn I gotta try this