Better voice quality


the game itself is awesome, but the only bad thing about it is the voice quality.
Please add a better voice codec.


Welcome to TU, D3XX3R!

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Bumping this because this is actually quite important.

This game thrives on communication and is heavily reliant on it, the social aspect of this game is a huge reason to play. Therefore, you’d think that one of the 2 major ways to communicate are well thought-through, but the voice chat really seems to be lacking.

In this age, with highly efficient codecs like Opus that sound great at absolutely minimal bandwidth, there is no excuse to have a voice chat that sounds like this. It sounds so bad, it’s difficult to understand people with multiple people around, and overall it’s just unpleasant. I know this might be reminiscent of GMod, but as CSGO managed to do it not a long while ago, I’m sure there’s little reason to use whatever codec TU’s using, and at as low of a bandwidth as it is using, unless there are Engine issues with implementing a better codec. The bandwidth and processing power is definitely there.