Better Viewmodels/Disable Arm models

I really like Virus as a whole, being a timespitters fan it’s great to see one of my favourite game modes live on, but the one thing I think really needs some improving is the inconsistancy of viewmodels for the weapons, for example most of them are sleveless yet weapons like the Sci-Fi Pistol have a sleeves?

I’m personally not a fan of the viewmodels and they don’t really look that great at higher FOV’s either, I imagine that overtime the view models, weapons and animations will improve but I had another idea, until then why not give us the option to disable the arms and just have floating guns with a closer weapon viewmodel, similar to timesplitters 2?

Considering Virus is just virus from timesplitters why not add an extra dash of nostalgia to the plate?

good idea I hate the human arms


I also hate the viewmodel animation for running. It’s just a smooth bob back and forth and my eyes just vomit at it


Your wish may just be coming true :eyes: