Better total units in casino

When you are in the casino and are using the machines it shows a bunch of stats at the bottom. There is one stat in particular that I think could be improved. The total units earned stat could be made better. At the moment it only shows are much you made without taking into account how much you have spent. If you guys could make it so that everytime you use 1,3, or 5 units, it subtracts it from your total winnings that would make it a lot easier to see how many units you have really made. Thats all.

This has been suggested before, and I believe they said that they do not want to do this because it would make it too easy for people to calculate the probabilities for the machines.

I mean it doesnt take much to just take your final units and subtract your starting units to find total profit. It’s just helpful if the game automatically calculates the profit so you dont have to do it yourself. Not much stopping us from getting that data as is.

This might be the only reason any Casino guide gets views on Steam, I for one can speak since I written on the probability for winning on the machines.