Better Lighting / Windows in Highrise Basement

Hi all!

What do you think about improving the lighting / windows in the basement floor of the Highrise condo?

I feel like with more natural light coming in from the windows, the whole place would feel a lot more alive. When I tried changing the sun angle, there’s no sunlight coming in at all in the basement, as seen in the screenshot below, which makes the whole room feel a lot more dull.

You can also see the windows with a slight black tint. I feel like it would be better if there was no tint so we’d get a more proper city view.

The basement looks a bit better when the day is set to sunset / sunrise, with little natural light coming in (see screenshot below).

I guess what I’m asking for is to improve the natural light coming in the basement of highrise, as well as the look of the windows. I think the effect like in the picture below would look amazing!


I don’t see why not. They’re currently fixing up some of the others condos anyway.


Pretty sure that Johanna said on stream that the Suite and Highrise would be polished up next, and the Suite is getting worked on right about now.
So expect Highrise to get that treatment sooner rather than later, it seems.

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I agree, it could definitely benefit from a lighting rework.
Voted. :wink: