Better Character Customization

It’d be nice to have more freedom with character appearances. More clothing to wear. Way more hair styles. Improved sliders for body customization. Graphical improvements all around. The color sliders we have don’t all work, like the shoe sliders. What are the nails and why does it always reset my laces, when I move it. I just want a more detailed look to the game. I know this is still a testing phase, but these are somethings i would like to see.

This has been suggested a few times. Once the workshop is done, you will be able to have custom player models which will give you creative freedom as to how you want your character to look.


As already said, Workshop is coming and you will be able to replace your player model using that.

However, the current system was developed very early in our development of Tower Unite and is basically legacy code at this stage. We have previously stated that we care more about gameplay than appearance. For now, we are focused on gameplay rather than tuning our appearance stuff to be better. Making different hair, adjusting body types, etc, take quite awhile of development time. We will get there eventually, but, right now we want to focus on the gameplay. Appearance will never matter if the gameplay isn’t fun or engaging.