Better Ball Race camera controls?

My mom recently tried a Gamecube controller, and while she fared better than before, her main issue was the camera. She cannot “multitask” (multiple movements at once are hard for her in her 40s). This sounds silly but maybe we could get an auto camera or align of some sort? I realize that would break a lot of design but maybe make the surfaces transparent (the ones preventing view)?

Well for one, the game isn’t designed to run on controllers at all. It’s designed for keyboard and mouse, so you can respond quickly and move the camera at a good pace with the mouse (much easier than a joystick). I am not entirely sure if they’ll be implementing controller support or not in the future. As for different view modes, that could be an option in the future, I kinda like that idea. It could already be planned though.


Controller support is very basic at this stage. You can use controllers, but there’s not a lot of settings like controller aim speed and camera modes.

It is something I wish to tackle when we have most things developed.