Beter condo UI request

[Redacted for many reasons]

This is a bug, and not a feature. In regards to your suggested build UI, I prefer the click-and-drag method because it lets you get super precise and detailed with your builds.

There are templates that you can use to make the perfect canvas image for some of the canvas items (note that the thread is a bit old, so some of the newer canvas items probably don’t have a template). Just use an image editing software to get the canvas image exactly as you want and host it on a site like Dropbox or Imgur.

Your condo is also your server. You make the rules; just be sure to be careful about what you say in chat, as that may be connected to a lobby server which does have the right to punish you for breaking their rules. Remember, you can hit TAB while chatting to switch between global (communicates between all connected servers) and local (communicates only to those in your immediate server, in this case just people in your condo) chat.

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No idea what you’re on about. I’ve never once had a problem placing items in my condo. It sounds however like you’re experiencing the same bug I used to get when placing fireworks down out in the Plaza environment, but that was literally just fixed in the patch.

There is a glitch that randomly decides to put furnitures on top of you, depending where you stood/looked or the clothings you wear. I tried to reproduce that glitch but I have no idea how it comes to that. Atleast something is causing an collision issue.

If you’re holding a weapon (bubble gun, confetti gun, money), dragging the item near it will cause you to place the item on the viewmodel, rather than the area of the map behind it, so that might be why that’s happening.
As for canvas stuff, you can just reupload the image to Imgur with the direct image link and use the site’s built-in editing tools to crop, rotate, mirror, or do other simple things. Although in-depth canvas editing tools could be convenient, I’d think it’d take too much time to develop for something that can easily be done outside of the game.