Best Pony?

Civil Discussion about Best Pony?

(I don’t think Mac is best pony just needed a picture)

Huge fan of Raindow Dash myself. Honorable mentions go to Derpy and Princess Luna. Also, if you include non-ponies, Discord is awesome.

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Luna, Derpy, Fluttershy.

In that order.

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Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna to be exact.

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I stopped watching/caring shortly after season 3 began and I had already distanced myself from the fandom prior to the season 2 finale. But regardless of how much I may dislike the community now, I was once a part of it, so I would have had to say that Pinkie Pie was my favorite almost immediately followed by Fluttershy and Applejack. What can I say? I was a Mane Six type of person then…

It sounds cheesy as hell, but being in the fandom legitimately changed my life. If it weren’t for the show/fandom, I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends (One of them introduced me to who would go on to become my girlfriend for two years …I still miss you…), I would not have gotten into music and sound production, and just… damn, I could list a lot of things the show’s influence had on me when the hype train was still chugging along.


Not watching anymore, but Twilight and Derpy

Everypony’s gay for braeburn :3


Wow, you stopped at the worst time. Season 3 is when the series really started getting fantastic. Seasons 4 and 5 were amazing.

I was just losing interest in the show at that point, and I really lost a lot of interest in the fandom after attending BronyCon2012. Good god, even the “normal” fans there were completely insane. I still find myself humming a couple of songs from the show, notably “Smile” and “This Day Aria”.
But yeah, I just lost the desire to watch the show after a while. Not much else to it aside from the fandom starting to legitimately scare me. I realize that I could still watch the show and not associate myself with the fandom, which is what I did for a few months. But, like I’ve said, I just lost interest.

Yeah, from some of the stuff I’ve seen, I’m not much into the fandom myself because of what I’ve heard about a lot of the fans. I do love the show, though.

EDIT: Also, yeah, This Day Aria is a great yet pretty creepy song.

Zak is best pony end of story.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I had creepy looking guys hit on me for cosplaying.


Watch the opening and finale of Season 5 and the 100th episode special. Season 5 was a masterpiece.

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Can ya guess. Haven’t watched the show since season 3 ended though, just dont have any other pictures that fit the circle avatar so well!

that’s the term right? i know fuck all about this fanbase

pls no

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Basically this.

I started watching a couple weeks before season 2 aired and I was all into ponk. She was my entire life for a while. It was pink floof that actually changed me into a more positive and helpful, caring person. I really enjoy being happy and polite, and I still have trouble beliving it took some kids show to make me realize that :open_mouth:

After season 3 ended I really just felt like the fandom had gained too much heat and I didn’t want to be associated with such a globally shamed group of people, so I just cut the ties with the fandom. And the show became sorta uninteresting as it essentially just became pandering and references all over the place.

Pinkamena is still my favorite


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^This. Episode 100 and all of season 5 were incredible. The dynamic between Derpy and Dr Whooves was so awesome.

Stop it, I’m still not over the C&D that Button Mash got.