Best NPC poll


I really like the NPCs. That being said, I’m curious which are the most and least popular ones.
The condo lady isn’t on the poll because her personality isn’t in the game yet and the Halloween characters are merged into a single option because polls have an answer limit of 20. With that out of the way, here it is:

  • Tower Theater- Veronica, the ending-spoiling movie nerd
  • Project 12/Volt Nightclub- Wade, the smooth barkeep who also runs really fast
  • Popstop- Vendy, the adorable soul-lacking vending machine
  • Sweet Suite Furnishings- Bradley, the buff guy in dire need of a vacation
  • Horizon Condos- Jeff, our enigmatic shape-shifting overlord
  • Rob’s Imports- Rob, the one and only living GMT meme
  • The Toy Stop With Pets- Richard, the guy who likes toys and pets I guess
  • Songbirds- Landin, the music enthusiast who has no idea what “noise regulations” are
  • Central Circuit- Nick, the polite, nerdy salesman
  • Seasons- Daisy, the top hat-wearing bird
  • Fresh- Jane, the freshest gal around selling very fresh Fresh products, like fresh apples and skulls (fresh!)
  • Celebrations- “Overly Excited Man”, the somewhat insane, gunpowder-snorting maybe (mostly) cyborg
  • Bowling Pro Shop- Darien, the former bowling pro who speaks no casual
  • The Pinhead- Kaylen, the NICE bowling attendant
  • Mcluckin’s Bait Shop- Paul, the shark-fearing fisherman who doesn’t actually fish
  • The Stray- Kalleira, the magical cat-like being with a crush on the Moon
  • Oasis- Sharon, the down to earth person whose slang I don’t understand half of the time
  • Post-Halloween- King, the sad cauldron-less skeleton
  • Halloween- one of the time-limited Halloween characters

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I like all of them but man, a skeleton just chilling in a cauldron can’t be beat, so I voted for Halloween characters.


I had to go with Halloween, the skeleton was amazing! :wink:


We need to form the church of rob




(Fixed that for you)


Until they have actual voice dialogue, none… The current NPC interaction is boring to me.


Other than the custom voice greetings for backers, we don’t plan to include voice dialogue.

We may add sounds that express their emotions such as "hmm"s and "ah"s, and possibly "hello"s, but that’s about it.

We feel voice dialogue would be out of place because the characters are stores and you could be talking to friends while shopping on the mic. We also feel it would just be unnatural for our game.


I guess it would feel kind of out of place for this game. Fair enough.