Best joke everrrrrrrrrr yaaaaaa [prob not]

How is bowling related to a tub? It’s related because…

k bye.

Eeerr… Well… Just keep trying, ok?

more fitting

It’s alright in my opinion, but “TU” you guys it might not.

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Well…Since this is not working out well, I’ll just go watch some documentaries on World War “TU”

Don’t let harsh criticism tower over you.

Just eat some MacNCheese and you’ll feel better

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Three dopey stars! #TUcool4school

What does a pixel tail dev say when something stinks?


Dear god kill me now, these “jokes” are to much for me to handle.

This is the reaction I love! Yaaa

We must unite to show others the TRUE, most PURE form of humor!

It is left to us TU to do it!

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What do you call a ton of small knights?

Little Crusaders!

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I laughed more at the stars than I did at the joke.

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