Best game in TU

(out of the ones in game currently)

  • minigolf
  • ball race
  • virus
  • casino
  • trivia
  • typing derby

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Casino isnt a game it’s a location.

but it’s a location with games in it (plus i’m not listing all the casino games)

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still games in itself is not a location,
Anyway, Diamonds, Wheel of money, Grand Quest, Video Poker, Video, Blackjack, Double or Nothing.
That isn’t so many games.

but I actually want a result and if I add to many options it just gets too spread out

Then you me dear sir, haven’t the foggiest of how to do proper surveys.

Bad gentlemen joke aside, lets say 50 people say casino, what games in the casino are they talking about?
Not a bloody clue, which is usually why one list all the options with multiple choice enabled if possible.

Just saying.

just vote now!

I already did, i voted typing derby.
But i quickly regret that and took back my vote, ill vote again as soon as i have decided what to vote for.

wow no one voted for trivia? I am surprised.

I was going to, but I thought virus was more fast paced

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If Casino is considered a game, Condo should qualify as well.


Actually I’m a bit of a ball race man myself.

Uhm… you’ve missed one.

I voted trivia, but Minigolf and Virus aren’t too far behind. I just love seeing what random facts I know (or am lucky at guessing).

Snakes and Ladders in my condo.


What about



I like how a location was put in and an actual game was completely disregarded.



Typing derby is underrated and pays small but I think it’s the most exciting.


Minigolf is best in my opinion :slight_smile: