Being removed from the leaderboard [SOLVED]

[Time was reinstated after private message w/Caboose]

fr- getting a top 30 time is scary. I ain’t tryna get taken out back and shot by Caboose just cause I didn’t have OBS running.

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Most of the times that get removed are glitched/cheated times. This can be fixed if they were to spend the time to fix the timer. But the one time they did, they reverted the change because there was a visual bug with the time at the top of the screen.

Other than that I can’t really say anything other then your time was mistakenly removed.

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are you in the ballrace strats discord? because we report a lot of “glitched” times in there and there isn’t really a good way to contact the user about it unless they are able to chat on steam, it’s a huge problem because most of the time the players we don’t know have a top 1 time so we automatically assume they had a glitched time. btw, did you pinch to get the time? its wr which is cool

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also i can show you how to set up obs so you can clip 30 sec videos rather than recording the entire time and wasting a bunch of disk space, or you can use which has a simpler process

I agree that the timer needs to be fixed, Yoshiex. Mine was mistakenly removed, but no one contacted me to even ask. I use the forum daily, and I’d like to believe I’ve been seen around the game quite a lot. The only time that got removed is my one good time - but all my crappy times are legit I guess, hah.

I’m not in the Ballrace Strats Discord – I used to play Ball Race a lot more before the times were wiped, but lost a lot of interest afterward. I just decided to pick it up again recently for some Anniversary Coins, and just got incredibly lucky.

I’m not sure of the terms, but pinching sounds like the best way to describe it. I got flung up into the air by the first platform that opens and closes at the start of Nimbus 6, and just ran the whole way to the end in the air. 100% luck, and purely unintentional. I always hold W and pray basically, lmao.

My biggest issue with recording footage is I never thought I’d get a #1. I don’t expect to ever get another one to be honest.

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Yeah, that’s pinching, I got something similar before on levels before. Skurt got something similar on a Paradise level earlier today. He posted it to the forums if you wanna look at it. I will say that if this were to happen again then I recommend joining the Ballrace Strats Discord. A lot of Ballrace best players are in that discord and you can learn new shortcuts and strats if you wish. Here’s a link if you want to join it.

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@Caboose700 sorry for @ing you again but are you able to reinstate this time?


It was a 4.215 according to @Umbre

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The score has been restored.