Being able to purchase the Bowling Lanes for your Condo

So I was playing bowling right now and I thought, “What if we could use these lanes for our condos? There are tons of opportunities if such a thing was possible.” Sure people could use Condo IO to make their OWN bowling alley but it would be indefinitely easier if we could purchase them for our own use, you could customise every aspect of them also, from the lane itself to the scoring system, it could also be a good use for workshop compatibility with people uploading their own reskins of the bowling lanes on the workshop, I mean imagine all the people setting up basement bowling lanes using things like Brunswick A2s and AMF 82-30s.

But in all seriousness this is ONLY an idea i came up with and idk if people would accept this with open arms and i completely understand that.

I think this would be an amazing idea. Could be Bowling milestone past the ones we already have so for even more XP, like the ultimate milestone of all - Not sure if they would consider that though but on the other hand, it feels only right to have it as something special. Maybe it would fit in the Toy Store instead if not a milestone?