Being able to kill yourself

please allow to kill yourself by pressing k. like in Plaza. Because If you fall out of bounds on a Workshop map, there is nothing you can do to get unstuck

I had a few times in TF2 where having a killbind saved me from getting stuck somewhere.; this would probably be nice to have in case something goes wrong.

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This is now in the next hot fix.

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How is this not gonna be horrendously abused to deny people of kills, though?

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The feature’s explained a bit more in depth in the change notes for the next update. Basically you have to hold K for a bit, and if someone is attacking you while you’re holding down the button, they’ll still get credit for killing you:


Ah, ok. That makes sense. Basically like how when you fall off the map in most shooters, the person shooting you still gets credit for the kill.