Beer effect lasts forever (intentional? or a bug?)

whenever i get hit by a beer , it starts to blur and such, pretty straight forward right?

but im not sure if this type of stuff is intentional or a bug, because i thought the drunk effect will worn off in a few seconds or minutes, but no, it lasts forever, which is extremely annoying and unfair.

most of my accelerate sessions, whenever i get hit by the beer, i simply couldn’t do anything about it, players we’re angry at me because i couldn’t get to the finishing line because the effect couldn’t simply go away, i didn’t know where to go at that point, however, i made it to the finishing line, while being at last place…still having the drunk effect…

can this be fixed or something?

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you can press K to respawn and become soberWAIT IM STUPID



I also experienced this. It literally lasted into the next game for me… Was basically unplayable…

The effect should last 15-20 seconds MAX.

Not the entirety of the game.


i mean, even the wiki states that it lasts few seconds. (althought it’s probably unoffical, i don’t know.)


The wiki is unofficial

the wiki bamboozled me afterall

This is definitely a bug. The beer effect (at least last I played Accelerate, in a previous update) did not last indefinitely.


just came here to complain about this. The effect lasted thew whole game for me too

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This issue occurs because of the timer system becoming desynced. We are working on it right now.


Appreciated! :purple_heart:

Not 100% sure if this was supposed to be fixed in the newest update since it said the timers being desynced was fixed in the changelog but there wasn’t anything about the beer effect, but I just had this bug happen to me in a Pine Valley game a few minutes ago. I’ve ran into beer a few times before that and the effect has gone away most of the time though, so it usually works properly at least

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This bug just happened to me. Please fix, it’s incredibly annoying.

Had this happen when I was drunken while crossing the finish line. The effect remained throughout the whole time I was in spectator.