Bedzoom visual clutter

Don’t know how to go about this but I’ll get it on record anyway.
The first thing that popped out at me when I tried Bedzoom was how busy and colorful it was, that is to say, I frankly have trouble focusing on anything because the road and map elements and background props and pretty much everything all use a similar color pallete or are just busy. Now imagine all that running past you at 40mph and you’ll see where my issues are.

The only way I was able to get through the level was to focus on 3 inches in front of my car, trying to read the level results in instant confusion of where I am or whats ahead.

I know BedZoom is supposed to be based on a children’s playset, and maybe I’m just ADD, but as a practical matter I find the screen so jumbled with colors I can’t tell which way is up.

I don’t know if a DOF effect that separates the distant objects from closer objects could help, but in my own opinion the track road itself needs ot use a separate color scheme from the stage elements. You could probably pallete swap the road as a wooden train set while the rest of the map can use the colorful toy blocks. Pine Valley is fine for me because its got a road, fences, and a clear horizon to read and plan your steering.

I have a terrible habit of rambling so I’ll leave it at that.


I think that is the point of being able to practice, though. If it’s not an accessibility issue, it’s a skill issue. Like, no matter what I do I’m complete shite at Little Crusaders because the movements don’t–and never will-jive with my way of thinking.

Being able to practice is one thing, I’m sure I can get the grips of the level itself with some running of it — but honestly I was getting a little motion sick with the setup, that’s largely whats debilitating; I can’t stand to look at the screen to play it.

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I noticed this too and thought it was just me. I think it’s the colours. The track isn’t distinct enough from the environment it is in. There’s colourful rats-style Mario Kart tracks that don’t suffer from this and I think there’s some concepts we can learn from it.

The Ribbon Road track is always the ribbon, different colours but always the ribbon. No wood or shelves unless you’re taking a shortcut. It makes it very clear what the primary path is. Bedzoom could do similar with the hot wheels track, making it so you’re always on part of that track (even if it’s special parts like a rectangle parking zone) and only use wood for the shortcuts.

The Ribbon Road colour changes for the ribbon are also spread out a bit. Bedzoom’s orange/blue track parts often seem quite close together. I think they should be spread out. Although putting them close together where there’s a boost might work.

Is there a way to noclip around Accelerate maps as if it is a condo, or a special camera mode? Might be useful for people to be able to make suggestions if we can take screenshots from top-down or other angles without racing.


THAT is a different issue. That’s like the head-bobbing in Virus for me.

But I think the lack of distinction is the point of it being a child’s room–just unmitigated imagination and blurred lines

Honestly I had no trouble following the track on my first go. I was super impressed with both the visuals and audio of the track. The only element that blended in for me were the boost stickers, which I kept forgetting were boosts until I hit them. I really like the fact they’re stickers, I think just need a little glow or something. Aside from that, the shortcuts blended in but that’s just the nature of shortcuts.

Isn’t majority of the track itself hotwheels-esque blue and orange? I didn’t think anything else in the room was the same colors. I’ll have to check again.

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