Bed For Workshop


I haven’t textured it yet and I’m planning to make it a workshop item.
You can call it Zak.


No offence but it looks uncomfortable, and it also looks like a diaper changing station, but you took effort which you should be proud of (im not trying to be sarcastic if you’re thinking that)


That’s because it’s my second Blender model. My first one was a worse bed I made 2 days ago.


Keep up the good work, also did you delete the earlier chat with @Spydermann ?


I think it looks pretty decent.


I don’t remember Spydermann replying here.


whoa, POOF! (It was a comment from me. “I hope we get Christian Server Winnie the Pooh next,” I said, then @premiumstriker looked it up and said I stomped on his already dead child hood. Then I put the image here, with a cat that looks like the one in your profile picture screaming or screeching.)


Oh, okay!



Oh, no!


o yes


Wait if @rrmm did not delete it then what the hell just happened? Mandella effect again?


Like that genie movie we all seen when were kids with Sinbad in it which doesn’t exist anymore…


No i dont, i never seen the genie movie, i had a way diffrent childhood than most of you guys