Beachstyle Minigolf Style Suggestion

Back in the GMT days there was a map in Minigolf called Sandbar. It was pretty cool, but limited by its engine at the time (empty and bland)

I recently went to play Minigolf and took a few snaps of a place I used to play minigolf as a kid, they’ve vastly upgraded it from what it used to be and now its pretty fun and challenging to play! The Atmosphere is great too.

I particularly like the use of the thick mariners rope as the course border, which is occasionally, on some courses, cut off early to leave open gaps so that if you strike too hard, you roll off the course!

I also like the different textures of the courses, the regular playing turf called “Fairway”, the “Rough” which is made up of thicker grass which makes your ball more resistant to rolling and of course the sandtrap which is an extremely high resistance “hazard”, which can ruin your scorecard the minute you land in it!
The grasses are made up of varying lengths and provide different degrees of rolling resistance to the ball, offering the opporunity for a “hard” and “easy” route through each course, navigating the topology of the level design.

This would look great as a beach level, and with the amazing design from the devs it should fit right in with the TU aesthetic. I don’t think the trees they selected for this area really match what the designers here were after, but replacing them in game with palm trees, beach bushes and grasses and sand would look great!

Here are some photos! If the devs would like these photos for reference please shoot me a message on discord before you go ahead and download them, thanks!

Socks out!

Edit: Updated this post to include “physics accurate” terminology. Thanks Bunglist!

[details=Images are in here!][/details]


The mariner’s rope is a pretty cool idea actually, and this reminds me that we haven’t seen sand traps yet in minigolf. I wonder why?

Nice photography, pictures came out really really well. I wanna go golfing.

Sandbar was actually one of my favorite courses because of the care and accuracy that you had to take on some holes.

Kinda related, one of my best runs on Sandbar

ehehe i thought the graphics looked nice but then i realized it was real life


I really miss sandbar and the old waterhole. I hope later down the line, we get more revamped legacy maps, not just for golf, but all game modes. There’s a lot of content to just never be able to play again because GMT shut down.

Any more minigolf maps are a good thing, and I like the idea of a beach themed course. ^=^

Say no more I’m in