Beach Ball Son's Day Out!

Today, March 29th, 2016, Mistaria connected to Gmod Tower to fix some lag issues. In classic staff style, she placed items and stuff all over for some fun. Among these objects? A beach ball. Once everything calmed down and Mistaria and her mob had left, I was left alone with the beach ball. He was stuck in the middle of the plaza, scared and alone. I helped him out of it, and decided to take him on a journey to show him all of the sights the plaza could offer him. This is that journey.

Special thanks to A Dapper Roket Lawnchair- He was a very kind player who had decided to aid my efforts in showing my Beach Ball Son the world around him.

Through server disconnections, a rude player or two, and an evil elevator, he saw the sights and lived a truly amazing day. This. Is that story.

DropBox was the only working way to do this. Here is the album link! Click on images to see the notes and descriptions of what’s happening!


Descriptions/notes added. Click on images to see them.

i touched that ball

uhm that sounds wrong…

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