Be able to put pictures in the Notebook

The idea would be to be able to add pictures in the notebook, alongside the text you’re writing.

You would paste a link from the Internet into the content editor, and the picture would appear when you open the notebook.

But in order to fit the size of the notebook window when you open it, the picture height/width shouldn’t be past a certain size. So if the picture h/w is greater than the limit, it would be automatically downsized to that limit.

Also, there should be a maximum number of pictures you can add to one notebook (like, 15 or so), just to prevent any lag.



I doubt Pixeltail has the technology to make this work, but its a neat idea.

I think this suggestion could be taken even further if we could format HTML in our notebooks.

They wouldn’t have to lead to an actual website somewhere, but this would allow us to manually set the height/width of images, add clickable URLs, add coloured, bold or italic text, add headers and horizontal rules, et cetera.

But yes indeed, images in notebooks would be a wonderful thing to add.


How do you think Canvas’ work? We have the technology. The question is: do we have the time?


Time to spontaneously like every single one of Mac’s posts.

Because that’s what fans do, right?

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.”