Be able to join a game world with one player while in the lobby

so I was thinking that since they now have the game world notification system I think it would be a good idea to start a game world with just one player for games such as mini golf or ball race

You can do that, but only if you host the sessions from the main menu.
And it only works with minigolf and ball race.

He isn’t talking about that. He’s talking about while in Lobby.

“I think it would be a good idea to start a game world with just one player for games such as mini golf or ball race”
I don’t exactly see him saying anything about doing it from the lobby.
Case in point:

So again, you can do it from the main menu and have people join by finding the session in the main menu.
Although the ability to just start a minigolf instance all alone while ingame would be a nice thing.

The problem is that not many people join the game worlds in the plaza and it kinda breaks the flow of the game when you have to go to the menu and start your own game. Also I changed the title to make it more obvious what I am trying to say.

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Incidentally that’s one of the other problems with us never being able to play a gamemode from the lobby worlds, because alot of people just stick to the casino or their condos.
So i can see how nice it would be to be able to start up a minigolf or ball race session alone from the lobby worlds and then let people join if they want to.

Dude, I get it, you want to be right.

This notification system is only available in the Lobby. He was talking about Lobby.

No i don’t.
Im just saying that due to the title at the time and his wording it didn’t seem like he was refering to being able to start a minigolf/ballrace session alone from the lobby, but that he couldn’t start one alone at all.

To get back on topic, decreasing the player count on Lobby queuing seems like a good idea, as long as people actually join the queue.

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Maybe just have the ability for a single player to do a little ping to see if people want to join (with a cool down to prevent spamming)


I think the thing is that maybe having more people going into the gameworld ports to start the game people in the casino will get a notifcation and maybe they will want to take a break and maybe join in a game for a bit.


Mac with the SASS haha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, considering the fact that you can play Minigolf/Ballrace solo, I agree with having the gameworld queue knocked down to one person. I’m sure a lot of people will use the pop up prompt to join in.


@macdguy usally people join mini golf once notification goes out so at least mini golf should be 1 player