Batting cages

Can we get some batting cages on the boardwalk.

like… for cage matches?

Batting cages are cages baseball and softball players can enter to practice swinging a bat. Incredibly specific thing to suggest.

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I mean there’s bowling, and soon to be a shooting game, why not have a competitive batting range. See who can hit the most consecutive balls.

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That makes a lot more sense, it could fill the space for one of the fishing spots since there are a few too many of those imo. I was just imagining wrestling rings all over the place.

It could work like typing derby or like bowling. One way you have four cages and everyone competes at the same time, the other way you just take turns on one cage. It’d probably play fairly basic, you know just hit the ball at the right time, perfect timing giving you max point i.e. a home run.

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I’m all for this idea. All the fancy resorts I’ve been to in my life have either a batting cage or a tennis court, or both.

I love ideas that contribute to the “Tower Unite as a Resort” feeling, and this feels pretty in-line with that. Minigolf? Little bowling alley? A batting cage? All we’re missing is the hotel key-cards that demagnetize and force you to ask the condo lady for a new one.


Please make this happen. I love this Idea!