Basic Condo Building Tips(?) and Assets

In this post, I will show something, that can make your condo better(?)!
Maybe some tips or assets, like images for canvases or how to do something with condo I/O.

So, the first thing that you can do is…

Ambience lighting, it’s very-very-very easy, but can improve shadows in ‘Outdoor Umbrella’ item or something like this. You have to just add Placeable Light in it and set the custom color for it, for example green(I chose this, because I set Outdoor Umbrella on the grass). And now the shadow tone is more cozy!

Next thing I just found interesting with Condo I/O, that you can do is Light with Beautiful lightbeams - and you can disable/enable it!

For this you need 1 or more Small Round Light and LightBeam FX for it.
so you setup light and it’s FX, then name it for better using in connections (ex: Light and LightB).
Then put somewhere a button, lever or something from Condo I/O tab in inventory.
Click RMC on it and open ‘Connections’
And then create new connections for light and lightbeams like here:
tab: ON
tab: OFF

this is post ending, later will be added more things here