Banned workshop item?

Hi there, posting this for technically the second time since… maybe the first time didn’t work?

Anyway, I’m basically confused about my Workshop Playermodel. “Dwayne LaFontant: Verminator” is a Playermodel I uploaded to the workshop a while back, and no problems seemed to arise until just a day ago, when I received an email stating it had been banned.

No reasons, no details. Was I reported? Is it a lack of credit? I could have just fixed that. I don’t understand, can someone help me? I opened a Steam support ticket yesterday and have no response as of yet.

I’m not sure if the error message shows up for you, but the model was removed because it had a broken rig. There’s polygons that’s going to the very root of the model. We recently went through models that had similar issues.

While not intentional always, the ban feature is the only way for us to remove a broken model from the list, even temporarily.

Oh. I left it that way because I thought it was funny. I guess I can go back and redo the rigging, though.

Thanks for the response, I was kind of losing my mind over this.

I’m so sorry about that. We didn’t know that the message doesn’t show up to people. I’ll see what else we can do in the future.

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Understood, no issue here.

Okay, I’ve went through and officially fixed the rigging, connected the vertices and faces, and it’s ready for reuploading.

Is it possible to revoke the ban, or do I have to upload it as a new Workshop entry?

No worries. I’ve revoked the ban.

Thank you very much, I’ll upload that fix!