Ban the person above you! (REMASTERED)


How to play,
ban the person above you for whatever reason you feel like! (not actually banning, it’s just for fun)


Person 1: Banned for giving an example.

Person 2: Banned for banning him for giving a helpful example

Person 3: Banned for being an even number.



  1. No offensive insults
  2. No hate, this is all in good fun
  3. Have fun


There’s nothing wrong with bumping the original thread if you’re adding to it.


Ya but people were constantly saying end it. Lol
Banned for not banning


Banned for copying a existing thread game.


Banned because i’m sick and tired of banning people.


Yeah, including you. The most recent post in the other thread is you saying that the game should die, and yet, you then decided to make a duplicate thread reviving a game that you wanted to end. Sweet logic, bro.


Banned for roasting litterally everyone in the forums


Banned for saying i was a part of the group that wanted to stop the thread even though i didn’t care.


Banned for not caring >;(


banned for using >;(


Banned for not banning in this post.


Banned because we don’t have that power. Only the power of a few souls, brave enough to face such a thing could ban something that powerful


Banned for having a chicken


Banned because this thread was a mistake. Please, please put a bullet to its head.


Banned for supplying a graphic mental image in people’s minds with your last sentence. Some people really do not need that in their thoughts right now.


Banned for not picking up the gun!!!


Banned for thinking that Erickson9610 has hands that he could use to pick up a gun.


Banned for discriminating against people with no hands.

I mean, look at my hands! How do you think I feel having pointy stubs for hands?


Banned for having a ghost avatar past Halloween


Banned because you can never be too early or too late to spook.