Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for hypocrisy.
u just sed okay


Banned for poor wording. It’s meant to be “You just said okay.”


Banned for feellaprasman


Banned for waiting for a ban.


Banned because ton of ban 1v1s


Banned for being too much of a cool dude


Banned for being new to this game and banning on the day of your sign up.


Banned for not being welcoming of new players.


Banned for blaming the cows.


Banned for replying to almost every comment.


Banned for also being new to this game, and quite possibly the Forums.
Welcome to the insanity, please enjoy your stay.


Banned for welcoming newcomers to insanity, that is my job.


Banned for having that job

D :a: :b:

  1. excuse me, what?
  2. Banned for 2 seconds.


banned for not using

1. * List item


Banned for repeating the same thing over and over again in separate games, you have been banned for using that as well.


banned for

1. * not obeying the amazing list item


Banned because of BIG TEXT


Banned because you’re not called righty.


banned because i actually dont know any more reasons