Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for fo rof or for reijf 39 393u 89 43 3 0 3-22



Banned for ban 1v1.


Banned for interfering.

Also @Spydermann , @Erickson9610 withdrew his post, so you’ve got the 3000th ban anyway.


Banned for being wrong, i don’t have the 3000th ban anymore.


Banned for being right about someone being wrong.


Banned because I don’t know whether your pfp is a soda, gum, or a carton.


Banned because it’s OAK Strawberry milk carton, (a overly sugary and rather unhealty brand)


Banned for having a pokemon in your name.


Banned for having a TF2 character in your name.


Banned for figuring out what I was aiming for.


Banned because someone previously stated that I was a sugary drink. I’m not sugary, I’m healthy. I’ll kill hungry thirsty dead.


Banned for bees


Banned because not the bees


Banned for disrespecting the bees


Banned for mis bee having.


Banned for having funs (puns)


Banned for Beeing bad at puns


Banned for not Beeing here


Banned For co Beeing me


Banned thor(ax) the insect jokes.