Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned because im 18 away from 3,000. Also, you didn’t use a comma in 3,000 so its a double ban.


Banned for complaining about having a commar in 3,000.


Banned for calling it a commar.


Banned for grammar teaching


Banned for not having a period.


Banned for being a grammar teacher.


Banned for thinking I teach grammar.


Banned for being in a grammar lesson.


Banned for having this discussion about grammar for quite a while now.


Banned for having 9 posts remaining until 3000.


Banned for having 8 posts until 3 , 000 posts.


Banned for failed 3,000 and having 7 posts before 3,000.


Banned for thinking I failed the 3,000. I was trying to point out you forgot your comma in 3,000.


Banned for 5 remaining posts before 3,000. I shall open the big button that says “Milestone Banning” and whoever gets the 3,000th post will press it.


Banned because I want the 3,000th post. Banning will keep you away from it!


Banned because “I want” never gets but because I am nice, we shall push the button together.




YOU FOOL! I’ve pressed the 3000 ban button!

Banned for making me get this thread past 3000.

Also furthermore Erickson, I didn’t really try too hard, there weren’t many other banners because they think this game should die.
And I’ve added another ban for mixing multiple games with one.


BANNED BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THE 3,000th POST, I had to go on mobile to do this :sob:


Banned for shouting in all caps and whining because you didn’t get the 3000th ban. I’m sorry, but I’m sharing this 3000th ban with you.