Ballrace - Nightball

Hi everyone, this is a ballrace map i created for gmtower
I posted a topic about this on the old forums but i decided to repost it here with a brand new trailer.
Nightball is a fun map located in outer space, It’s got elements like low/anti gravity, buttons, moving platforms and more
It also has got a new kind of bonus level, its got an easy way in which you can collect banana’s like usual, but it also has got a challenging route and if you can do it you will be rewarded with lots of banana’s.
without further ado, here’s the trailer! :relaxed: (Bumpers, banana’s and buttons are not visible in the trailer)

Download link:
(Only contains the VMF and materials, i can upload the BSP if necessary)

Thanks for reading!


Looks cool! I’d love to see this in GMT.

Thanks! :smiley:

This map looks so pretty cool. Why don’t you create it with Unreal Engine 4 and send to Steam Workshop when Tower Unite gonna release? :smiley:

This map was made before tower unite got announced, however the tool to convert source maps to UE4 isn’t working for me for some reason, so i need to remake the whole map, but maybe i will remake it in the future

Cool. Good luck for it :smiley: