Ballrace map ideas

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Recently I have been chatting to people within our ballrace server and also the TU server on possible ideas for new maps that could work well for ballrace specifically ( or potentially any of these can work as a different game mode too). Based on all of us being speedrunners for the game, I feel as if we might have some good ideas up our sleeves for locations on where a man can be set.

  • Volcano
    A volcano map has a lot of potential from having current mechanics implemented from prior courses such as invisible elevating spaces that throw the players ball up (heat/steam from the lava makes sense here). Also, ideas such as lava pushing up a rock like an elevator up and down from one platform to another seem cool. Many more ideas can be used with this.

  • Ice Cave
    The closest example I can give to this is the minigolf map Alpine with its indoor cave levels. I feel that the level could contain pure crystals everywhere though which would be cool if you could bounce off and around icicles. Think how cool and shiny it would be though to see crystals everywhere? Maybe even some reflecting light nicely. The light could even be special spots like invisible elevators.

  • Pine Valley
    Now, this idea I thought was awesome. Based on the Accelerate map that recently released I just thought it would be REAL cool if you could see AI racers down below as an animation. (Or potentially having Accelerate have ballrace characters playing above the race track). The ideas and work for you are already here for this idea. Combining game modes more and having stuff like easter eggs should be implemented more imo ever since accelerate came out with its different items from other modes.

  • Music/Concert
    Taking inspiration from that one Mario kart level. Now, this can have a range of ideas from bouncing off musical notes or instruments to being blasted by the instruments themselves. Imagine how fun it would be to do something like running down a piano or keyboard and it plays a note each time based on which key the ball is on. So many ideas you can do here.

  • Old gmod tower lobby (Suggested by raaket)
    I don’t know much about the old lobby but I can imagine it working like the current lobby as you race around all the shops and buildings and features located within the whole resort. I will keep this one short but I am sure there’re things to be done here.

  • Airport
    An airport is quite a commonly made map throughout many video games. This honestly could be used in many more game modes other than ballrace but ideas of racing around an airport and even boarding planes can really make for some fun ideas including the hangers and terminals to play within.

  • Dragon Quest (Like Little Crusaders)
    One thing that I thought was a bit more imaginative was to have a map that contains a little story to it as you play each level. Imagine level 1 being where you start off in a castle and throughout you journey on an adventure where the last level becomes a fight with the LC dragon where the goal could be located on its back which defeats him once and for all (Ofc until you replay the map again :^) ).

  • Water Maps
    I will keep this one short since there’re a few ideas for this one. For some water levels, I think places such as swamps, lagoons, and aquariums could work out here. I feel it does need more aquatic levels to ballrace and things to work off could be like bouncing off lily pads or rocks or islands etc.

other ideas in this screenshot:

(Just want to quickly add to that museum idea. This is personally a freaking amazing idea by LogicLogin. Think of the endless ideas you can do with a museum and its history ranging from different times and locations! absolutely pog idea here).

Thank you so much for reading and let me know if anyone else in the comments have any other ideas :)!

I just thought of another one being a funfair, including big rides and also smaller minigame stalls where YOU are the ball

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Dunes would be actually also nice, like in Golf with Friends.