Ballrace cuboid inconsistencies and cumulative lag

If it has not been noted by now, the longer you are in Ballrace, the laggier it will get.
The lag makes the physics between the moving platforms and your Ball increasingly… bouncy.
This problem can be fixed by leaving and reentering Ballrace; there is no need to close the entire client.

This fun-lag-bug-stuff is most likely how some people made a few pretty fancy trick shots. Not naming any names of course. @scratch

Also, when you die 3 times on a level, (specifically on Midori) the level is reset; however, the cuboids that were previously moving/rotating with a platform are now stationary.
Correction: new, stationary cuboids are spawned whenever a level is reset, assuming the cuboid was picked up at least once.
This can also be fixed by leaving and reentering Ballrace.


Multiplayer seems to make you go ridiculously fast as well, which lets you skip pretty much every level on Sky World as well as a bunch on Midori.

The speed problems have to do with an error in how forces are accumulated on the server.
We’re working on that. :smile:

Lower fps also makes you go slower, when I turned down my graphics settings to a more reasonable level I started going the normal speed.

You have no idea how hard it is for me to actually finish Midori with this speed increase
And the choppiness of it


I also put this in Bug reports. I usually get to the final stage before it happens with me though :P. I do know exactly what you mean though IT gets SUPER LAGGY. Especially the FPS

Heh, nevermind. Fruits of limited testing were nullified by a more recent test.

The cumulative lag problem is present in Midori, as well as Cloud World.

After leaving the client open for a few hours, I got this:

Heya! Quick update!

Turns out, whenever the level is reset by you dying 3 times, or whenever you advance a level, any cuboids that you had previously picked up are respawned, stationary. Every time. Even on the levels that you have already completed.

Eventually, by advancing levels and/or dying lots, the sheer amount of cuboids respawned will make Ballrace lag. You can test this by going into Ballrace, on either world, grabbing a cuboid or two, then resetting the level a few times (via dying) and there will be multiple cuboids in the one spot you initially picked them up from. :smile:

Of course, sorry if anyone already knew and stuff and stuff.


Danke! Was a problem with the map reset code, fixed now! Thanks for the report. (Also cuboids should properly re-parent to moving structures too)


Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there.

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