Ball race

is there any way to play ball race by my self to practice?

Actually, I believe so.
Okay, so follow these steps:

1. Once you are at the main menu of Tower Unite, click ‘Create A Game’.
2. Once you do that, make the max members to one, meaning only you.
3. Set the title and map to whatever you want, so once you get into the game all you have to do is press ready, and there you go! You can now practice by yourself.

Hope this helped!

Side Note: In all honesty, I would play with other people or friends that also have this game to get more coins or more practice. I feel as when I have friends around me it gets more competitive. But hey, it’s all up to you. Have fun!


personaly i want to train my speed run timing, Thank you tho :smiley:

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Hey sounds fun message me if you will ever need any help with speedrunning and shortcuts. I am a little dusty but meh i still got it xD