Ball Race: Timed Challenges

It would be interesting to have the ability to set a ballrace server as a timed challenge. This would make it so, based on the difficulty of the level, you would be timed. If you meet that time, you earn +50 GMC. If not, you win nothing. Maybe creating a more open-world ball race map for this where you have multiple areas you can go to to get to the end while in this timed challenge mode would be fun to play in as well.


I love the idea of time modes in games like Ball Race and Mini-golf. Would make for good game mutators, at the least.


Really great idea. But won’t happen until they implement leaderboards.

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Ah yes, Just some time in the future, adding this would be nice. It would be pretty cool to have a whole map devoted to timed challenges, every level semi-open world. That would be nice.