Ball Race Time Exploit?

Earlier today i joined a memories ball race, on the final course the host started to lag out however while other participants were frozen, I was able to move and collect melons and even finish the course. The timer would keep resetting back to max time making me the fastest player to ever finish with a 6.4 seconds. This time is 100% fake and i did not achieve it legit at all. The server crashed after a minute or 2.

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I’ve joined someone’s game once that was boasting about using a lag switch in their ballrace games to get ridiculous times. This might’ve been the same person but I’m not sure

I wouldn’t be surprised if people use lag switches, there are some pretty impossible times on the leader boards that I doubt have been achieved legitimately.

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Even a host with an unstable slow internet connection can cause a time glitch. It’s possible to experience this by accident.

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