Ball race steam workshop support

So ball race is absolutely my favourite gamemode to play on tower unite, it is fun and you can really get skilled at it the more you play. After a while I keep noticing that even though the gamemmode has a lot of maps that are all great and fun we could use some more and thats when i thought.

Could it work if Steam Workshop support was added in a way that lets people make their own levels? I think it could bring like a level of mario maker-ness to it where there would become the extra hard levels for hardcore players and the fun ones of other people.

Now the biggest problem that i have realised would be the work going into it, because i think it would be pretty hard to impliment that but if it was possible it could bring so many hours to the gamemode, and if it is succesfull it could be extended to minigolf aswell? if in fact the level creator would work out.

Thank you for reading, i know it is a very ambitious idea but i just wanted to throw it out there.

-Happy TU player since 2016

There’s gonna be workshop support for custom maps in every game world eventually