Ball race orb

I have a problem with the Ball Race Orb, whenever I try to put it on it says “too close to a wall to use this item” even when I’m standing in the middle of center plaza. I don’t know if this has anything to do with what I have equipped so I’ll say it anyway. I have a Confetti Unlimited, Firework RPG Unlimited, a .357, a Chimera Pet, Turtle Pet, Jetpack Unlimited, VIP Particle: Beauty Cone, and a Text Hat equipped on a Skeleton with the Star Headband and Star Glasses.
I didn’t know where to put this (questions or bug report) so I just put it here.

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sounds like this should be in bug reports or something


Equip pigmask/ghost, stand next to a wall, and swap the pigmask/ghost with the orb. Should work.

I think this is the better place for bugs regarding GMT as the Bug Report section is meant for the TU alpha, so good on you for playing it safe.

The GMT forums might have been better imo

this still has not been resolved

They will probably fix it sometime after the IndieGoGo and the whole alpha business with Unite is settled up.

Sorry for necropost but I have a solution for anti. Ball race orb has been broken for awhile now. The one home remedy solution is: stand rubbing up against a door right in the middle of it, then equip. 90% of the time it works 100% of the time