Ball Race orb won't work

When I equip the ball race orb, the confetti effect appears, but the orb does not. It isn’t invisible either, for I can walk normally as it is isn’t equipped. Can someone please help me?

It’s be broken forever my friend…

Here is a video demonstrating my sadness

you know there’s a way to equip it if it’s broken right

please be a dear and TELL US THEN

I’ve been neglecting tower because I can’t roll around in that thing.

also why would you make a post telling us that there is a solution and then not telling us that solution?

“Dude, have you heard of the way to earn GMC real quick?”
“Nah, haven’t heard. What is it?”
“Never mind man”

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guys, equip it, then walk into your condo.
it works in there.

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because it’s easier to show than to explain and I don’t have nor want to install video recording software

its very easy to get the ball working actually all you have to do is equip it in the gamemode then you stand right next to one of the curved corners of the plants area near the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

If you equip either the pigmask or the ghost, stand right next to a wall, and drag-and-drop the ball race orb into the slot the pigmask/ghost is in, it works. It doesn’t work for certain playermodels though.
Another method is suiciding while having the orb equipped, but it only works occasionally.