Ball Race Map: Depth

Now I know a new ball race map just got released, so a new map is not needed necessarily at the moment. I just sorta want to put this idea out there.
So, we have maps about space. We have maps about the sky. What about the ocean? I thought it’d be awesome to have an underwater Ball Race map in a sorta similar style to Super Monkey Ball 2’s world 3, “Under the Ocean”.

This is the only high-quality image I could find but it gets the point out. Massive rock formations around you with huge fish, maybe some glowing elements like crystals or strange life on the walls, with a blue level and an ocean reflection-type effect on the level’s geometry and some ambient music to go with it (maybe something like Maple Story’s Shining Sea but a bit faster paced?) I loved this stage when I used to play this game and it’d be great to see a map in a similar style to this in TU.

this makes me want to watch the GDQ run of super monkey ball again, it was fantastic


My favorite series on it was Vinny (vinesauce)'s playthrough of the game (and the community made levels). It was a lot of fun to watch, even if I didn’t get to see it live.

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This would be really cool

i thought this was a wip map >;c