Ball Race: Khromidro Shortcuts


I know what you are thinking “Oh no another shortcut video” yeah there are already some on YouTube but I wanted to put my version out there and I know that I’m late but I was on a break. Some videos don’t have some versions I show in the video for example level 12 and level 1.

Disclaimer: I don’t claim that I found any of those with the exception of level 12 maybe, or that I added all the routes in this video, there are some easy shortcuts that I didn’t add.
Also I was on a rush so I couldn’t gather the best quality footage so some levels are a bit funky and you could do them more smoothly than me
If you want to see only level 12 click here

Tune of the day



Oh my god that’s how you get past the kill zones? I never thought i’d see someone actually find something for level 2, thanks for proving me wrong Umbra.


I have a playlist with some other skips too :slight_smile:


Nice one umbra just Im not a big fan of the menu glitching shortcuts cuz I consider it a bit cheating, Also if you want you can share your other videos aswell so I can add them to the main playlist.


i’d rather have them in my own playlist, thanks though