Ball Race: Have your ball highlighted when on top of another player's ball


I’m not sure if this was ever suggested before, but I think it would be a nice addition if your own ball highlighted itself (for you only) when you get on top of another player’s ball.

In ball race games with a lot of people, it can be a bit of added difficulty when all the player’s balls are in one place (such as the rotating squares in the last level of Midori). Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish your own ball in the crowd of other players and it can lead to mistakes. I think it would be cool if your own ball highlighted itself when you’re on top of someone else’s ball (similar to how objects are highlighted in your condo) so you could more easily distinguish your ball from other players in those scenarios.

Tell me what you think!

or make other players transparent


This would be pretty helpful in minigolf as well, or any other game where players ghost through each other.


This was put in “requested” about a year ago, it’s actually on the trello


and it got archieved in 2018… does it mean devs changed their mind on it?