Ball Race Friends Leaderboard

The Ball Race Leaderboards should have an option to show friends only instead of top scores.

I believe this leaderboard made to show best results, so you know how fast you should finish the level to get in top 10.
If you want to see friends’ results, you can do this in Collection Book.

It’s a hassle having to open the collection book to do so mid-game, when it’s much more convenient to just have the option to show friends scores on that menu, especially when most people play with/against friends and don’t try to go for the top #10 scores


Yeah, an option to cycle through global or friends with, say, the ~ key, would be nice


Not only that but there are many top 10 times that are only achievable through network lag. I know a few people who would never bother displaying the leaderboards because they feel they don’t have any sort of chance to get close to it.