Ball Race Community Discord

I have asked Nath prior to doing this for permission. Me and a group of others, since we liked Ball Race, decided to create a community dedicated to Ball Race in particular. We would like to open it to the public. We like to speedrun, share strats, and now and then we will do Ball Race events. Last time we did this, we made a bingo board for Ball Race, and any other ideas are welcome. We’re currently discussing things for this upcoming weekend, and we’ll continue to do events if people are interested. Our pings are often very limited and only pertaining to events or extreme cases. We pride in fair play and highly discourage cheating of any form. This includes abusing extremely laggy servers for glitched times.

If you want to livestream or organize races, you can advertise it here at free will and find others to play with if you’re looking for a private excursion. We also have roles for people who are looking to challenge themselves or take part in competitions.

We focus not only on speedrunning and strategies to conquering Ball Race, but also on having fun and enjoying the game as a whole. We also enjoy chatting it up and most of us are quite friendly and relaxed. We have a lot of Ball Race regulars already who can help out in offering tips. We’re 90 users and running. This is NOT an official discord, this is a community-driven discord; go talk to Pixeltail Staff if you need help within the game itself. A permanent link to join our community.