Ball Race Ball Shadows

Not sure if this is an engine limitation or a design mishap, but the balls in ballrace don’t have shadows (yet the people do) making it look really weird. The ball is translucent, but not completely transparent so it should have a slight shadow to it, but it doesn’t (making it appear pretty unrealistic).

It’s small, but it’d be nice to see in the future (that is of course unless UE4 doesn’t allow custom shadow intensity or something similar)

So this is technically a limitation to the Unreal 4. They only support translucent colored shadows for static lighting (which has to be pre-built and can’t be done for any moving objects).

However, I found a work around. But it has a side effect, you won’t see your player’s shadow.




Figured. That still seems better than before though, so hey.

Could we potentially see a circle shaped shadow directly underneath players so it’s easier to judge if you’re above something? I know it wouldn’t be a realistic shadow but Mario Odyssey does this effect alongside real shadows and it looks and works fine.