[Ball Race] Author Times

If any of you have played TrackMania, this probably sounds familiar. Basically, there’s a special time you can try to surpass in each level. This “Author Time” is the best time the author or authors have attained in any given level (assuming Workshop maps become a thing, they can also have these times). In TM, beating this time gives you a medal. Seeing as there’s no medals in TU, I’d suggest giving bonus units to anyone able to beat it (perhaps when achievements are added, have a few for beating Author Times). This encourages learning shortcuts and advanced techniques, giving expert players added challenge once mere completion becomes second nature. On the other hand, it discourages the teamwork aspect (pressing out-of-the-way buttons adds to your time, after all). What do you all think?

  • This must get in!
  • I’d like to see this added.
  • I don’t have strong feelings either way.
  • This is better left out.
  • The game must never include this!

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I like this idea. It can help contribute to the replay value of Ball Race. Maybe these time challenges can be unlocked if the player chooses to play alone?

For people who picked the third option:

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I imagine that when the workshop is added people will add their own times but for the original maps that would be cool.