Ball Orb Wearable Interactions

Okay. SO I"M LOVING these cool Condo IO things. However I noticed something. A friend of mine and I are working on a ball race condo, but the triggers/event blocks don’t effect you when you’re in the orb/ball wearable item (Obtained at 500k milestone in ball race). Can this be changed in a future update please? I think it would be so awesome to see other builders create their own maps at home to challenge their friends with.

Same thing goes for the launch pad and trampoline as well. Looks like they don’t effect you in the orb either…

The TELEPORTER can work on you when you’re in the ball. For some reason the teleporter canvas we have set up on our map only works when you’re in the ball, but not out of it. I don’t understand this but hey it’s working for our purpose? lol

I will be adding more Ball Race Orb interactions very soon.

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