Badge suggestion

A global ranking system that would give the top 10 highest XP players a special diamond badge in every games category.

Example, the same diamond badge with the white reflection in the icon but with a different reflection color.
Top 1 gets a red reflection in the badge, top 2-3 purple, 4-7 blue, 8-10 green. The color doesn’t really matter, just as example.
It would create a friendly competitive factor, give the more hardcore players a purpose to grind games and try hit the top of leaderboards in the games they enjoy the most.


I think something like this kinda misses the point of the game. It’s not supposed to be a competitive environment but a place for people to hang around and do stuff together. Special reflection could encourage people trying AFK or other methods of gathering XP. I think a better suggestion would be leaderboards for most XP in a category in a collection book without anything special for it


I don’t see how a a non-permanant visual badge would disrupt the casual players. You’d still be able to casually play games with your friends as it is right now and chill however you want.

This would be aimed at experienced players that have played thousands of hours and that ran out of content long ago. Not casual weekend players.

There’s a bunch of people like me that have been maxed diamond in everything for years now and are looking for a reason to keep playing the game. It would give us something to do that doesn’t require us to wait further updates for new content.

My 2 cent