[Bad Gaming Memories] Kicked for capping points

Back in my days, I play Team Fortress 2 in casual mode.

It was until somebody makes an unfair vote to kick me permanently for capping points

So, why kicking a player, or even myself capping a control point for an unknown reason is beyond me.

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Does anyone have a discussion to my screenshot, and why I got kicked from the casual server for capping?

I think many casual servers (particularly payload race) have an unspoken rule to treat the game like team deathmatch. I remember being kicked for playing the objective once. I guess it just depends on what servers you end up on.

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The votekick reason will obviously vary from person to person, some people will kick you because they are doing a sort of no kill round where both teams just hang out and do group emotes, or maybe they meant to votekick some other person but accidentally selected your name.

Or they will kick you because they wanted to cap the point but didn’t manage to do so before you did, or because you’re doing better than them.
Or they just wanted to votekick you because the option is there.

Were you on Hightower?

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I can’t remember what map I was kicked off…