Backing Incident

Okay, so I recently backed $30 because I thought I had $33 in my account, but I had recently just spent 10 bucks on something and forgot about it. My bank denied the transfer from paypal because I couldn’t afford it, and now the money isn’t showing up as negative in paypal OR my bank, but it’s still listed as a contribution in Indiegogo. I’m really not sure what to do at this point, will you guys still get the money even though it never got sent to Indiegogo?

I’ve had this issue happen with something else recently. While it is listed as you contributed, pixeltail won’t receive the money as it is being held by paypal until you sort out the negative balance. Once you’ve added money to your paypal wallet to resolve the negative balance, the payment will then go through, so technically if you do not resolve your negative balance by the end of the campaign, you technically won’t receive anything as according to indiegogo the payment has not been received.

EDIT: Just a side note, depending on your bank you may be charged a fee for going into a negative balance, but as its only $7 in the negative, the fee (if there is one) shouldn’t be too much.

This isn’t correct though, I don’t have a negative balance anywhere, my balance remained the same in my bank and paypal. I have the funds to pay for it now but the only way I could send them is through upgrading to a higher perk, and I don’t want Four copies of tower.